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August 25 2014

CTLMM and CMSMS Version 2

Kindof funny news on a test I did when I was bored due to bad weather... 

Just out of curiosity and bad weather I copied my modified CTLMM-2.0.4 to a local install of CMSMS2 Beta-2 to see what the error messages would look like.

And there were none...

Beside a missingLanguageString notice I saw nothing. Missing Blabla was to be expected.

So I went going bold and started to create a new module, with the thought in my mind, that it will never work.

But it did...

I created a small one-level module with one entity and a few fields. Just text inputs and a textarea and I expected CMSMS to show the red flag anytime.

But it didn't...

The new module finished I created the files AND hit the install link!

And it installed just fine.

I added items and created templates, changed the settings and displayed the module content on the frontend with no problems at all.

So what comes next?

I will test this further.
Unfortunately CTLMM needs plFileHandler to manage files and it doesn't work so well. Perhaps I can manage to integrate GBFilePicker?

We'll see...


I created a more complex module and it seems to work just well.
I even got plFileHandler to work.

I will put together 2 packages with plFileHandler and CTLMM and upload them here.