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March 24 2014

CMS Madesimple 1.11.10 and CTLMM Modules

I had to update a few sites lately and wondered what would happen to my good (g)old CTLMM modules if they encounter CMSMS 1.11.10 with the OneEleven theme.

To make a long story short: nothing happened!

I updated a site from CMSMS to 1.11.10 and encountered a lot of problems with Capchta and Guestbook modules. Listit2 was relatively kind to me but I had to redo a lot of stuff because a lot of things work differently now. Especialy categories and imagefields.

My good ol' CTLMM modules, even the old 1.6.7 ones, still work perfectly and didn't put up a fight over missing dependencies or whatever other bullshit.

A few tweaks here and there, I already described them, and they are still running.

Those are the tweaks

One other thing...

Since there is no theme: default anymore, and CTLMM modules rely on it for icons and arrows, I copied an old default to the server. Doesn't hurt anyone.