News about this website or CTL-MM

February 2 2013

CTLMM has been deleted from the Forge

Due to violations of forge rules(?) CTLMM has been deleted from the Forge. So no more CTLMM in CMSMS. I preserved the latest files anyway...

The CMSMS admins gave us a little more time to update CTLModuleMaker to the new specs(Thanks), but since I am not a skilled PHP programmer there was not much I could do.

This means that CTLMM was deleted from the Forge but can be resurrected if and when it will be updated to not violate any rules anymore.(whatever they may be...)

In the meantime I provide CTLMM files for those people who still want them and need them.

Take a look at theĀ Depot

But be aware that there will be no official support and CTLMM will most likely not run with the upcoming all new CMSMS 2.