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July 6 2012

Creating Modules in CMSMS 1.11 Beta

I did a first test on creating a simple module in CMSMS 1.11. Beta-2 and it went well with basic features.

Since CTL-Modulemaker doesn't require an installation into the database there is no problem with that.

Then I created a small module with 2 entities and mostly text input fields. No images and files at this point. Module creation went smooth and without errors, and the installation of the created module as well.

Only some icons are missing since they rely on a default theme of CMSMS and the path /admin/themes/default/images/icons doesn't exist anymore. But I don't care. I copied the folder /themes/default/images/... to the admin folder and the icons were back.

What I tested so far:

  1. Creating a new module from scratch
    (simple basic input fields, email validation works)
  2. Adding and deleting entries
  3. Copying entries
  4. Connecting one entity to another entity table via the where_ parameter
  5. CTLMM-Search through the items
  6. CMSMS-Search and reindexing
  7. Editing templates and settings

The point is: I need CTLMM for small modules that serves the client/user well with ease of use and an module update cycle I control.

Mission accomplished!

CTLMM needs some small tweaks to make it work in 1.10.x and then of course in 1.11 as well. The tweaks are here »

Images of evidence in Simplex template


Backend in OneEleven