plFileHandler upload window doesn't show changes

Postdate: April 2 2012
Category: plFileHandler
Applies to: all

The modal window(Lightbox/Overlay) of Upload-Image or Select Image doesn't update its view and therefore doesn't show your recently uploaded images. I say: Put a refreshbutton on top!

This behaviour really can wreck your nerves. Evertime you upload an image it isn't shown the next time you open this modal window (Lightbox/Overlay) , and nothing seems to work.
Pragma no-cache and all the other Metas don't work.


The only solution to this, at least to my knowledge, is to put a RELOAD button on top in the template. So users can at least click the button and all changes are shown instantly.

Put this somewhere in your template.

<input id="refresh" onclick="location.reload(true)" type="button" value="Reload window" />

This of course only works if Javascript is enabled.

I tried to put this with onload in the body tag as well, but it didn't work reliable.