How to make your modules work in CMSMS 1.10.x

Postdate: April 7 2012
Category: Created Modules
Applies to: all

Changes in CMSMS 1.10 break the compatibility of modules created with CTL-Modulemaker 1.x and 2.0x. I show you a way to make them work.

First of all: out of the box they won't install!

Open module.install.php

...and change the following code around line 5:

$db = &$this->cms->db;
change to:
$db =& $this->GetDb();

Do the same in method.uninstall.php

If you intent to create more modules I suggest to make those changes to CTL-Modulemaker. The files are in /modules/CTLModuleMaker/src/

What's broken? 

As far as I know the only broken functionality is the active/inactive link in adminlist view.