plFileHandler on CMSMS 1.11.x and 2.0

Postdate: September 2 2014
Category: plFileHandler
Applies to: 0.6

I was wondering if plFileHandler-0.6 may work on newer CMSMS versions and came up with a 0.6.1

To be honest I would feel much better with GBFilePicker integrated into my CTLMM modules, but integration seems beyond my skill level. So I took a bold step and looked into plFilehandler 0.6 wether or not I could make it work on CMSMS 1.11.x or even CMSMS 2.0 Beta-2.

And it does... now.

My changes are not well crafted and they may not shed a good light on my humble PHP skills, but my goal was to keep the websites of my clients running.

If you are interested in my unofficial 0.6.1 version download it here

Note: You may have to add this to your config.php:

$config['root_url'] = '';
$config['uploads_path'] = '/abcde/uploads/'