Make CTLMM work in CMSMS 1.10.x

Postdate: April 11 2012
Category: Module Creation
Applies to: 2.0x

CTL-ModuleMaker will install fine on 1.10.x but at some point when creating input fields you will get error messages regarding missing CTLModuleMaker. Here is how to avoid them.

Related to "Could not find CTLModuleMaker":

In CTLMM module folder look for the file:
function.fieldinputs.php and around line 10 replace:

$module = $gCms->modules['CTLModuleMaker']['object'];
$module =& cms_utils::get_module('CTLModuleMaker');

Then comment out this line below:

// if(!isset($gCms->modules['CTLModuleMaker']) ||
!$gCms->modules['CTLModuleMaker']['active'])	die('Could not find
// $module = $gCms->modules['CTLModuleMaker']['object'];

Since we know that we installed the module we can afford to forget those lines.