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Setting up pretty-URL for your module

Setting up pretty-URL for CTLMM modules can seem pretty intimidating. But actually it's quite easy. Here is a short HowTo.

Why doesn't Smarty work in WYSIWYG fields?

If you for example, use cms_selflink in a Tiny editor window and it doesn't get processed and the output is garbled code. You need two words to solve this.

Normal user has no permissions to delete items

The normal user has no permissions to delete items and that doesn't make sense, because giving him advanced permissions he is able to see the templates and the all the settings.

Dropdown field always sorted alphabetically

Dropdown fields are sorted alphabetically by default. But what if you want to sort by ID or Alias? It's easy to change... sort of.

Make CTLMM work in CMSMS 1.10.x

CTL-ModuleMaker will install fine on 1.10.x but at some point when creating input fields you will get error messages regarding missing CTLModuleMaker. Here is how to avoid them.

How to use SuperSizer with module images

This is about using the great plugin SuperSizer with your images to scale, crop, manipulate and intergrate them into your templates to use with your modules.

How to make your modules work in CMSMS 1.10.x

Changes in CMSMS 1.10 break the compatibility of modules created with CTL-Modulemaker 1.x and 2.0x. I show you a way to make them work.

Name field is too short

Noticed that the Name field, and btw the Alias field only have a max-lenght of 32 characters? That's sometimes way too short!  There is more than one solution to this!

plFileHandler upload window doesn't show changes

The modal window(Lightbox/Overlay) of Upload-Image or Select Image doesn't update its view and therefore doesn't show your recently uploaded images. I say: Put a refreshbutton on top!

Show item data in Searchresults of CMSMS

Well we all know that the standard search module of CMSMS is a little spartanic in its result. Here is a way of improving on that and show an excerpt of your item.

Calling Items in AdvancedContent Blocks

If you want to attach an item from a module to a content page in a userfriendly way, AND you are familiar with AdvancedContent, there is an easy way doing so.

Attach items to content pages from within your module

Sometimes it's useful to attach an item to one or more content pages like showing clients, logos or other additional information in a sidebar or below the main content.