About this website and the author

First things first:

I am not the developer of CTL Modulemaker!
My name ist Bernd Klenk(Klenkes) located in Germany and I do websites.

Here we go... 

In 2008 I discovered this module and it made me stay with CMS-Madesimple, because without knowing much about PHP it enabled me to create my own modules for the CMS, and so serving my clients in a much better way.

During the last years I gathered a lot of knowledge and information about using CTLMM, and I thought it would be nice and useful to collect all the tips, tricks, snippets and workarounds in one place and share them with the ones that are in search of them.

About CTL ModuleMaker

Creating your own module has huge advantages:

  • You decide the update cycle! Very huge advantage.
  • You are able to serve a backend to your client that he can understand, because it uses his terminology and you decide what fields his has to fill to add new data.
  • You are in control of the functions! No update breaks any functionality.

With CTLMM you can do all that without knowing any PHP but it is useful to know SMARTY.